Monday, July 19, 2010

Down in the dumps

So I have this backyard...

Nope, that's not it... It's more like this

and this...

and this

We downsized so much from the rental to here that the backyard looks more like a junkyard! I wanted it cleaned before the monsoon season hit so I got a sitter and decided that Dus and I would knock it out in one day.
But when it comes to my life, NOTHING goes according to plan

After loading up our trailer, donned in my sweaty pj's, we we're off to the dump. My first time, I wasn't even scared! While on the freeway, our plan went KA-BLOOEY...literally!

This is, I mean WAS one of our trailer tires
demolished much?

This shredded mama took our wheel well for a roll. Again, literally!

This is after I had messed with it a little

Because the wheel well was all curled up, we couldn't get the tire off. (Not that we had a spare or anything!) In order to get to the tire, we had to pull it off. So, I grabbed a metal rod from the trailer and went to work! Nothing like taking out a little fat agression!

I told Dustin to take a picture, which he did followed by taking a little video. For some reason I can't get it to load but here's a link...PLEASE WATCH IT!

Of coarse Dustin was the one to actually pull it off but I totally loosened it for him!

Hey wheel well...

My little act of insanity must of got somebody's attention because this guy showed up!

After hitting up a few different tire shops, we got what we were looking for. We ate at Ned's and had an unexpacted day date! Bonus....we smelt unbearable!! We finally replaced the tire and headed off to the dump.

So here we are literally in the middle of the dump. As you can imagine, it smelt like Christmas morning! We unloaded as fast as we could, I sustained a slight injury because APPARENTLY, it's not smart to wear flip flops to the dump!

I don't know why but I was fascinated with this place. Decades of garbage compacted. Right before we we're finished this guy started spraying us with us with water...what's that about? Now we're working in mud!

So our little project for the day turned into an unexpected adventure, another one for the books!

And I haven't touched my backyard since!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun in the hot hot sun

Now may I present...

This is us
(with NO children)

This is Dustin with Jerry the jet ski

This is Dustin's wicked farmer's tan!

This is my ooh la-la picture

We were out on the water about 5-6 hours. It was one of the best day's we've ever had! We ate a good lunch, wakeboarded (well, Dustin wakeboarded- I flopped around the water alot), caught some nice waves and laughed our buns off!

The clouds were out and about

and so was this family of ducks!

Dustin said I looked super cool driving the jet ski

and you know what??

I felt cool!

(although I look slightly crazy instead of cool)

But sometimes being SO cool, can make you a little hot...

I know what you're thinking, and YES of coarse I wore sunscreen. My body just doesn't care. For those of my longtime buddies, you're probably remembering "the big burn of '02" well, this is as painful but not on 90% of my body like last time.

and here's some more...

Dustin got burned pretty bad on his back but wasn't keen to the idea of me snapping a million pictures of him. So being as in pain as we were, we did what any level-headed couple would do...

We went to dinner and a movie...

a 3-D movie

We slept fairly okay last night but here's me as of this morning

This random line down my leg (it's a little bigger in real life) is the worst for me. It looks like I actually burned it on something, my hair folicles are purple.

But it was worth it for sure!

and believe it or not...

I've had worse!