Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why there will never be a decent picture of us

Hon FHE Sunday night

A picture is taken.

The following occurs.

SIL: smile guys!

D: No that wasn't a good one.

K: ok, let's do another.

D: Now look off to the side...

D: No, no...not like that, like a cute/flirty look

D: No, not like that, like...

K: Honey, I obviously don't understand what you want me to do.

D: ok, like you're looking off over there and you're really suprised...

K: okay.

D: no, no, no like REALLY suprised!

K: ugh.

D:, not like that. Nevermind.

K: ok.

Now you've seen at least 27 seconds of what our life is like ALL the time!

Friday, August 26, 2011

In over my head

I'm not sure if I'll make it out of this class alive.

Advanced clothing construction

(the class comes with anxiety & intimidation...for free!)

My first class was last night and I feel that for the first time since starting at MCC, I will actually be challenged. My other classes were fun and super informative but I was always confident that I could accomplish any task given to me. This class...not so much.

Our first project last night (and this was supposed to be "for fun") was to design our own fall fashion line. Design and sketch 4 full outfits, (I can't sketch) then choose one outfit from our team (teams of 3) and make our own pattern,(can't do that well either)then sew & fit our mini- dress form.

*note: Most of the students in this class are fashion degree students who know how to draft their own pattern and sketch their own designs. I felt like an idiot.

Here's what my team created and my oober amateur sketches

We could only use what was in our classroom a.k.a. a giant pile of scraps and this top print really was the only thing I felt inspired by, but it's a really sheer fabric and slips like a bi*#$.

Here's a few other groups dress forms.

Of coarse I like ours the best. I appreciate some techniques that the other teams used but as fas as style, I would never wear any of them except my teams. That's what's important, right?

I hope next week is easier. I can't sew when I have anxiety, I feel as if I've lost my mojo.

to be continued?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

back 2 skiz- zoooll

Alas, The Hon's survived the summer (just barely). School started and mama bear was blessed with a sanity. Here they are. Our 1st grader Brody and our full time kindergartener Saylee.

Brody is at Boulder Creek and his teacher is Mrs. Grentz. He is loving it so far. We've heard really good things about his teach and we're excited and convinced he'll rock our world this year. He has alot of buddies in his class including one, Brexton Colburn who he has started a blooming bromance with. They have been officially titled "b squared" and I pray they don't cause too much trouble this year. Dustin is looking foward to it, he hopes Brexton can knock the "sensitive lil' boy" out of him that apparently I gave him...pssh-whatev.

Saylee is at Greenfield Elementary and her teacher is Mrs. Wood. She is going through a giant transition this year. New school, new teach, new bus drivers and ALL day. She leaves at 8 a.m. and gets home around 4:15 p.m, needless to say, she's like a pile of goo when she get's home (cutest goo on the block). She's working very hard. Her first small accomplishment is being able to eat in the cafeteria with all the big kids. Very noisy, very over-stimulating. She has only 3 kids in her class so she's getting all the attention she needs.

Grady started his fist year of preschool! It overwhelms me that he is old enough to be in school. Grady was excited but also had a "I don't really give a crap" sort of attitude. That's just how he rolls, he's very laid back. For him it's just a fun place to hang out at for a few hours (which is fine with me). We're hoping this experience will rid him of his shyness and help increase the volume in which he speaks. (right now, only dogs can hear him)

Friday, July 8, 2011

how time flies...

Saylee turned 5.

so we partied.

All week I heard, "birthday party, please"

she knew it was coming. I kept asking her what she wanted but all I got out of her was a horse and christmas tree. Not too much to go off of!

I made all the decorations and

am happy with how they looked.

From the invites to the cupcake wrappers...all me- it was fun.

We did Say's favorite food (currently) Steve's crazy subs. Whenever she asks me for a sandwich, she means crazy subs. no excceptions.

the treat table

I had a hard time this year. I really can't believe that this little girl is 5. I remember Brody just turning 5 and it's hard to believe that they're all growing up so fast!

I think back on her birthday last year and how much change has occured since then. It makes me proud but also breaks my heart a little. Sometimes due to her delays I still think of her as a 3 year old, then I realize she's not and it's a tough realization. Nevertheless, I wouldn't change a single thing about her because her flaws are what makes her Saylee!

showing off her #5 shirt i made.

Robin snapped a pic of this guy at the party.
cutest pic ever, right??
I can't stop looking at it.

more decor.

Of coarse chocolate frosting

We sang happy birthday (which she continued to sing to herself throughout the weekend)

and after a couple of trys she blew out her candles.

It was a great party. We packed up the next day and headed for our staycation. I think Saylee thinks it was all for her birthday...silly girl!

the lone leftover cupcakes.

Saylee we love you SO much!

Friday, May 27, 2011

color me ecstatic


I have 4 kids.

Oh wait, you knew that.

With that being said, let me tell you that girls night is not just "an option" for me, It's in my marriage contract. Once a week.

no joke.

Last night I was out with Robin & my gal pals. You know, the place where you palette tingles with anticipation, the place where are your dreams come true..??

Ya I know, we've all been there...

If you haven't- get a clue. It's grade A good times.

I get the same thing everytime. Call me a creature of comfort. I try other peoples food so Im on the level with the rest of the menu. However I prefer the best chicken sandwich (and yes, that's its actual title)

Well last night as we were indulging ourselves, a petite, darling girl walked over to introduce herself to Robin (same circle of friends/family). She inquired about all our food choices and wondered if we were satisfied. During said conversation she asked about the best chicken sandwich. "Hey, that's what Im eating!" I thought. Now maybe it's the mom in me, or maybe is the wierd in me but I handed her my sandwich. So what, right??? take a bite, don't be scared...big deal.

You all might question how crazy this action might seem, but im here to testify that it wasn't wierd at all. In fact, she obliged. (even after I warned her of my oral herpes)

stop judging. I don't have the herps...pssh- and you call yourself a friend.

fast forward to this morning when Robin text me to tell me about this lil' link.

Ashley, Im flattered.

Reading myself being described as you remember made me blush and say, "oh my gosh" in a pretty goofy voice. What you didn't see were the bags under my eyes and the spanx line in my jeans. You made my day.

P.S. you're the cutest lil' thing ever...

You're welcome to girls night whenever you'd like.

but I must warn you.........we like to share food.

Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a great Easter weekend.

Very chill.

(just the way mama likes it)

We have 8am church and Dus was singing in Sacrament so he had to be there early so I got the kids dressed and ready by myself so I didn't take any group pics before. Just on the way in!

I didn't make Say's dress (i know, i know)

but I did make her bow...that you can't see.

Emrys rollin' solo now a days

all the boys had matching pants and different color bowties. I made one for Dustin but he had to wear a tie since he was singing. I put it on him after Sacrament but didn't get a pic, but I will cause he looked baller!

they got lots of compliments! With nuggets like this, how can I not take pride in how cool they look? I made THEM and there clothes!

the only shot of Emry in his bowtie

The fam came over and Uncle Devin and Aunt Krystal had a great Idea to do an egg race so dad whipped up this ramp real quick and the kids loved it! Maybe a new tradition??

Not suprisingly, Saylee held the record for longest roll almost the whole night until dad's determination finally paid off!

Im so grateful for my family and these phenomenal kids that make everyday worth it.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

clever post title

This kid can fall asleep anywhere.

(except his bed)

(food in hand AND mouth)

dinner plate still in hand

and of coarse in the car

although I think he's taken it to the next level!

(yes he is strapped in)

must be nice.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Field trip fo S.H.O.

Today, Saylee's class was invited to attend a "carnival" targeted with activities for delayed kids. It was put on by the S.H.O. kids (students helping others) at Highland Jr. High. I was excited to go but was a little nervous. Her outings are either AWESOME or THE WORST IDEA EVER and I'm never quite sure which one it's going to be!

Say and her teach Miss. Kristina

(whom I love and do NOT want to lose her)

getting her name tag on

The day started with sing along in the gym... out of 150 kids, Saylee is the ONLY child that did not want to go through those doors!

I think she really wanted to, but her fear of big places wasn't having it.

first station: puppets

she loved this lil' bat

Then bubbles...

Next was the car wash

(students rode through a tent on tricycles and the kids sprayed them)

Now what you aren't seeing is that every second I wasn't taking a picture of her, I was chasing her around this whole shabang...I LITERALLY ran over 2 miles today!


(she miraculously already knew how to play??)

Most the time, this is how I contained her...

(go on judge me, I dare you!)

obstacle coarse showcasing Saylee's cat like speed & agility!

marble painting

takin' a break

(Say snapped this shot)

She pretty much lost interest about an hour into it...she just splashed around for awhile.

Everytime she bolted from me was to try to get to this guy, the grand finito...the castle bounce house. Of coarse when we finally got there, she didn't want anything to do with it.

...which was conviently located on the baseball field. This is the part where I let her run free through her natural habitat...mother earth!

The clouds came in, the wind kicked up and I was exhausted. We hit QT then headed home. I got some exercise and no one's ears bleed from Say's "sound barrier-breaking" scream so i call today a win-win! This lil' lady knows how to keep me on my toes!