Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Grosgrain: Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

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Cabin Fever

This last weekend our little family went to the family cabin in Cristopher Creek. Dus and I went up to help Grandpa sort through 60 years of clutter, trust me,it was as fun as it sounds! Jamie came up with us to get some air and help watch the munchkins, Thanks so much J-dog, you're the best. The kids had a blast of coarse and they got to do all kinds of things. We're going back in a couple of weeks and Im hoping it will be cooler and Im excited to RELAX!

Saylee ate like crazy and let me feed her!
Just chillin'
Just chillin...some more
Brody freezes like a statue all the time
Tayin' in the wind
Dustins uncle across the meadow was nursing this deer back to health
Brody liked him, Saylee did not!
I love this pic!
Playin in the swing
Play time!

getting wet and wild
grass and mud = fun!
water hole for animals...or my kids

Tired and ready for naps

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Wedding!

The day FINALLY came and went. I say finally because our family has been oober busy every week to prepare for this day, but it also crept up on us really fast that i felt unprepared. Anywho, it was an awesome day. The temple was super busy, they had 170 sealing total on friday to do so there was a bunch of families waiting outside, etc. The lunch had good food(mexican) and it lasted WAY longer than planned (as things often do) so I had 45 mins to get home, get my entire family changed and ready for the reception/pics. Once we got there, all was good. Saylee even posed for a couple of pics...I was so proud! The reception was bumpin' and my kids were SPENT by the end of the was I!

Mr. and Mrs. Devin Hon

At the lunch-in...we took the spoon with us
Crissy and Me
It was SO hot outside
It was on zoom and I didnt know!

She was obssesed with the moss in the tree

Me being creative
Brody took that shot Shes actually looking at the camera and smiling!!
Rock and Roll wedding style!
I love it!
The Hon boys

Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

You know, sometimes its hard to take just even a little time to blog about your life when your too busy being a supermom/ trophy wife... its a learned skill that I hope to pass on throughout my growing years! Last week our family or myself had something planned every night SUN-SAT. I dont have pictures of everything but heres an idea of my crazy life lately.

Monday: Occupational therapy, laundry, dinner with a bunch of Dustins high school friends Ive never met.

Tuesday: Speech therapy, chiropractor for Say, pick up sister in laws for brow night with Mandi (P.S. Mandi, I miss my eyebrow!! HA HA HA)

Wednesday: Therapy free day!! Fabric store run, start sewing blanket/burp rag for friend, Dus's band practice, meet with Bish (with all three kids!)

Thursday: Chiropractor for Say, continue to sew blankie, mad clean house for Devins bachelor party that night (30 boys playing XBOX... even my dad came!) Krystals house for a trial run for hair/make up for wedding this week)

Friday: Developmental specialist therapy, re-clean house after it was destroyed, finish blankie, run to borders for Breaking Dawn wrist band, Costa Vida dinner with Krystal and bridesmaids, BREAKING DAWN party with Tiff, J dog, and Crissy... got my book at 1:30am

Saturday: 2:00am... QT run with Crissy before I started reading, 5:30am, took a shower-no sleep yet, reg routine with kids, wrap blankie (that usually takes time), baby shower with buddies, Dus's battle of the bands (he sang vocals on two drums!) read while he was sleep yet.

Sunday: 2:30am...leave for Krystals, took wedding pics at 5:30am and I had to get her ready- no sleep yet, got home at 6:00am PAST OUT ON FLOOR and slept through most of church, finished reading Breaking Dawn...FINALLY (750 pages) relax with the hubby!

This weeks going to be even crazier, the wedding is on friday and I have yet to purchase a single dress/outfit for my family! Even though I was insanely busy I had fun. I got to see Mandi, hang with my sister-in-laws, make a super cute blankie and hang with the "buddies" (Sarah and Tanj) oh and read the book ive been waiting for my whole life... I loved it but i will NEVER stay up for 48 hours again, im still recovering!