Saturday, August 1, 2009

This weeks creations

This is where I spent my week...

Usually Dustin leaves for the cabin on Thursday but instead this week he left on Monday. Approximetly 48 hrs after returning from the cabin from last week. Anywho...this is my sewing room. Messy, bright and not organized, I guess that's how I roll! Love the blue, green and purple walls?? What you're not seeing is the kitten/sunflower wallpaper border...oh, it's a delight!

Mandi was in town this week and she's usually the first person I tell after I make something but because she's a resident of California, she never reaps any of the rewards. So, I made some stuff for Presley who's birthday is next month anyway. Again, everything I used is from stuff I already had so sometimes my pickin's are slim.

First, this skirt....

For some reason I want to call it, "fresh cut bird"- like fresh cut lawn (for the green) and bird for the uh...bird?? It sounds gross. I can't help my obsession with birds, its my fav applique to do

Next, the sundress (or pillowcase dress)

Whenever I make anything for a Crum girl, I immediatley think vintage. This is some remnant fabric I've had for awhile and the tie is some lace off an old smelly curtain. I love the way it came out.

Now for my own kids... a "bubble" dress for Saylee

I found this really easy tutorial here, it's the first time I've made something with straps and had to measure Saylee. Needless to say that was not an easy task so i had some major "do overs." This was also the first time I ruffled something (other than the toole skirt) and it was really easy. I tried it on her but of coarse couldn't get a decent shot, she looks cute I swear. With some leggings underneath, it's oober cute.

Here's a crappy close up of the print, my crooked lines and ruffles...

Finally (for this week), we have some new shorts for the man baby...

I don't know how all these other moms with these awe inspiring blogs get their kids to pose for the stuff they make them. It's really discouraging sometimes because I always feel like my pics NEVER do justice to what I've made. So as you can see, this is the best shot the man baby would give me.
I really don't like the elastic waist band but for babies...what can you do. I'm not skilled enough to learn the REAL way to make shorts/pants. I used an old pair of slacks that look tweedish, but aren't. I also put on some faux pockets to add some flare. I LOVE how they turned out. They look pretty gay in these pics but when Grady has them on, the waist isn't bunched up so they look alot more normal.

The pockets for his buns are a little off and I swear one leg isn't longer than the other

Is it annoying that I type all these descriptions out?? Sorry, it's theraputic to explain my process.