Monday, September 28, 2009

Vintage lovin'

Seeing as how this whole "pregnancy" thing comes in waves, I am only one in a slew of friends who are currently knocked up...ere-go, many baby showers! I had the pleasure of challenging myself by channeling my creative side to come up with a gift for Niki and her little nug Evie...

here's the bundle

I made a hat for Emry (by the way, that's what we're naming nugget #4) and it was easier than I thought. I found some lovely doily's at goodwill and came up with this vintage inspiration

There's a mink inside and the outside linen I think really adds to the vintage effect...and it's one of my top 3 favorite things I've ever made!

A onsie to match...

Of coarse I had to throw in the bird

I added some bum ruffles for a little fun!

I finally tried a tutorial thats been on my mind for awhile, baby shoes. These two are the first i've attempted, not perfect by any means but I can see many more in my future!!

I found perfect matching buttons

These little guys are made with a fleece lining- it made them a little more stiff and a little bit more boot-ish. The outside fabric is the same as the hat.

I've got more shower gifts on their way so stay tuned. In the mean time, I've started on some fall items for Saylee.

A quarter fat + goodwill curtains = cheap, custom and cute!!

Im borderline obsessed with this floral print

Mens shirt to jumper refashion...I added the white and criss-cross back for some diversity. The pockets are my favorite, I wish I would have made them bigger because their lined with a super cute print that no one will ever see!

Here are some poor shots of Say with it on...I swear Im getting a new camera before Mr. Nugget arrives- I've got my eye on one at Costco

I swear one day I'll get the perfect pic!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

talk about dead as a doorknob

I started early today around 8 am cleaning my house that's been neglected for WAY too long. (like wear your shoes in the kitchen cause my floors are so sticky-too long) Around 9:15 Brody tells me that Grady is stuck. I heard no screams for help and assumed this meant Grades got stuck behind the dollhouse...again. But today Grady got locked in his and Brody's room. I pull out the bobby pin from my hair ready to unlock it until I noticed something...

We've been here a almost a year and today for the first time I noticed that Brody and Gradys doorknob has a keyhole on it. Ya know, like your front door, only I don't have a key for this lock! A booby pin wasn't going to do the job! I can't believe in all this time here that the door had never gotten locked (especially from the inside). Grady wasn't crying real bad...he'd cry then stop and play some more then cry again. I tried everything...bobby pin, wire hanger, actual keys, screwdrivers, etc. I tried going in through the window (which was of coarse locked).

After about 30 mins of Grady stuck--- I started to panic!

So of coarse I call Mandi who offers solutions that have already been tried! She helped me keep it together, that however did not last for long! After Grady started crying for real and kept crying/screaming, etc. I took matters into my own emotional, hormonal, lonely hands..

I took this...

to this...(different door- sorry no before pic)

and got this...

I started with the lock but it wasnt working, I had started to crack the actual door so I just busted a hole in it..

After 42 minutes of being locked in, I found Grady in the corner of the room scared out of his mind. I was balling, Brody was crying thinking he was in trouble for accidentally locking him in, I can barely lift my arms for smashing with all my might with a framing hammer...needless to say we're all EXHAUSTED!!
And it's not even noon yet....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

so cool for school

After months of hearing this phrase EVERYDAY, "Mamma, I wanna go to school"...we finally made it happen! Im a little late- he started on Thursday. It's just pre-school, but it doesn't feel like it because he's there 4 days a week for 3 hours. He eats lunch there too! I wasn't really sad to see him go becuase my mind was too busy throwing a party in my head with the joy of never having to hear him complain and cry about school anymore!

Ready to go in the morning

In the car....
Then he walked away- with this "peace-out" look on his face. It all happened so fast I didnt get to take any pics! So these are of me picking him up

His face and shirt had so much crap on them.
1st lesson as school mom: Boys + white shirts + school = BAD IDEA!!!
I oxi cleaned that mo right when we got home and it's integrity was restored!

bad lighting but whatev...

So this is my new weekly schedule (at least for a couple of weeks)

Monday: take Brodes to school and Saylee to see Dr. E (with boys)
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: wake up, have everyone dressed (including me) fed and out the door by 9:25 a.m.
9:30- drop off Saylee
(go to Target or somewhere and NOT spend $$)
11:30- drop off Brody
(go to QT with Grady)
12:05- pick up Saylee
(make lunch for 2 kids and almost get comfortable because-)
2:25- pick up Brody
come home and collapse
Wednesday: NOTHING!!!!

Oh yeah...did I mention Im 31 weeks pregnant??? Im all alone and emotional!!

Anywho... here's Grady just for fun!

Ya I know you're thinking he looks big and he is! That shirt is new-not a hand me down and it's a 3T! He is also giving a thumbs up but I think his thumb sort of looks like a carrot!

Here's Saylee actually wearing something I made her. It is the bubble dress but looks WAY cuter with the jeans as a top!

She has made so much improvment already but thats for another post!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

growing up

Today was Saylee's first day of preschool. This is a day Dus and I have been trying to make happen for the last few months. She is in a special-ed class at EMECEC (East Mesa Early Childhood Education Center), the state is paying (halleuah) but that meant months of meetings/qualifying/IEP...yada yada yada. Anywho, we are so excited to reach this milestone. Im praying that all of the outside exposure into this new routine will help with her recovery. I know this first month or two is gonna blow (especially for her teacher) becuase Saylees stubborness is gonna have to take a back seat and relax...she needs to learn she's not the exception to the rule and can get away with whatev.
Im drifting...
Alright- first day--- Started out well, she was excited this morning, im sure just becuase she thought we were getting out of the house

Could she get any cuter?? She's so big and we got her cute new shoes (which she refuses to wear..closed toed) and a new backpack (which she refuses to wear) so we pretty much rolled with the usual wardbrobe...

Here we are heading towards the gate, all these buses make it SO REAL

We were greeted with this...TOTAL CHAOS!!
Chaos for us but apparently this is an everyday drop off scene. Tons of pre-K nuggets not wanting to leave mom or can't wait to get away!

Grady roamed around and ate the freedom while he could get it!

My camera died (of coarse) right after this but she seemed interested in some other kids

For about 18 seconds...then the rest of the time (waiting for entire class to arrive) she ran around and roamed in the grass until everyone left and Dus and her teach were left chasing her down! She inevitably had to be dragged/pulled to class but it was all in good intentions! Brody was really sad, he's been anticipating school for SO long but doesn't start till next week. I made it through okay-- meaning i didn't cry, but about 10 mins after we left... I lost it!

Just for kicks, here are some pics of some "back to school" stuff I've made for the nugget lady. Maybe one day you'll see pics of her actually wearing something custom for her!!

Men's shirt to dress refashion w/ added ruffle...buttons are on the back

Skirt/leggings refashion combo (they're attached) I don't know how I feel about this one
leggings are recylced LS shirt and skirt is mens shirt, I've since replaced buttons with bigger red ones

I always forget to take before pics, but here's a Target pillowcase

Into a ruffle top... I've since added white buttons underneath the straps

with some fun little zig-zag detail