Monday, July 27, 2009

skills of a mispent youth

This last weekend, buddy (Tanj) had a wicked birthday party at Skateland which conviently had an 80's theme...can anyone say..."heaven on earth??".

I've strapped on my LT429 Hard Candy Vapor Lights (my skates) maybe 3 times in the last 14 years, being 23 weeks prego, I was a little nervous.

oh silly me....

Appartenly it's like riding a bike. I had no trouble reaching for my skating roots and rolled around that rink double time!! Combine my pregnant belly, hot pink jumpsuit and AWESOME accesory on my arm (Dustin) I was a sight not often seen!

We had so much fun and I burned enough calories to last me awhile. Dustin was hillarious and we totally needed the night out. Here's the happy couple...

Dustin's glasses are Melvin Palmers (gpa) ACTUAL perscription glasses from the 80's. Dus could magically see through them and wore them on the rink and everything!

The gals...Elisa, Buddy, me, Buddie and Tena
All the girls...I had the worst camel toe and "W" was priceless!

All the boys

This live action shot of Jake is just about the funniest thing I've ever seen...

The group...

good times!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pendulous threads

Im working on making more clothes for the kids. I swear they look cuter than these pictures will depict. Im really getting frustrated with my camera. But first here's a blanket I did for a newborn girl yesterday. I used a shaggier mink and I love this print...

I timed myself, from cut to finish it took me 35 minutes, without borders I can whip these guys out fairly quickly. This next dress is the same pattern I got here, I made it for Mylie for her birthday. I used a specialty cotton thats a lighter weight and very easy to use.

For the tie I used a supercute lemon/orange print that I love.. I was inspired by this supermom that refashions alot of her old wardbrobe. So I started with this: one of Dustin's old shirts and a pillowcase...

I ended up with my first "patterned" dress. I actually hate it... I messed up on the sleeves and had to use the flowered print instead of the blue and I accidentially marked on the shirt itself so I had to hem above it and add the lace for the length. I just think it's too busy. I was proud however of how easy it was for me to understand each step...

So I tried again. I used the lemon/orange print for the cuff at the waist and this shirt is like a dark grey, I swear it looks alot cuter then this picture...

Now that Dustin's gone 3 days a week (at the cabin) I have more time to sew using things from my own home...the fabric fund is pretty much non-exsistent! I found a cute skirt tutorial here, it's the skirt Saylee wore on the 4th. I used an old napkin, some remnant fabric and took some toole of her tutu...I really love it! It kind of looks like a hot mess but I think that adds character!

I made another one for Saylees buddy Giana's birthday...I added a "way too big" headband...

I have a goal to concentrate more on boys clothes since I will soon have a bushel of them, it's not fair that I can only make things for Say. So I started with an old shirt of Dus's...

And ended up with this bad boy

I made the acutal pants, I ran out of black thread so I used Brown and you can see EVERY mistake I made (theres alot of those) I had to guess where the knee pads would go, I like the look they add

But my calculations were off and they ended up being shin pads instead! The elastic waist hid alot of errors and guarantees a long life of use!

Grady's just saying Hi!

I swear the knee pads are even, it's just the angle he's standing. He doesn't stop moving long enough to get a good shot.

I tried again using an old pair of my pants that are green (back when I thought it was cool to wear green pants??) and did a much better job. The top of the pants are a bit "parachute-ish," that's something I 'll getter with at time. Because I don't have a serger I'm zig-zagging all my edges and I did a REALLY good job with these ones, but you're going to have to take my word on that!

My goal is to perfect my pattern to make Brody a pair (a little different than this) and without the elastic waist. I'll let you know how that goes!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

On 4th of July we attempted leaving our house with our bushel of children and went to Schnepf Farms. We got there WAY too early and we had some time to kill but we enjoyed hanging out as a family and sweating our balls off.

It was quite a challenge trying to cage the beast...she got out eventually
P.S. I made her skirt with some tulle- SUPER CUTE!

Is that an actual smile?

Grady didn't last all night

Waiting for fireworks...loud loud fireworks!

Super sweaty and in love!!

Tres, tres, tres

On July 1st my nugget Lady turned 3 years old...
This is how we roll

Taking a break from the crowd

In a house full of friends and family

Grandpa Koelle thinking she can drink out of an open cup

Well she can't yet...

After changing clothes we eat cupcakes

The man baby eats many cupcakes...


We open gifts...Her ribbon wands Aunt Krystal made her were by FAR her fave

Saylee should off some of her tricks...

Thats my girl!

Not one for attention

but I think she secretly liked it!!
Here greatest gift yet...we qualified for LONG TERM CARE!! Now Say will continue to receive therapy at home even when she starts school and a bunch of other services that we desperatley needed! That's one thing we can check off our huge to-do list!!

Fun splashin' at the pad

A couple of weeks ago we went to Chuparose splash pad in Chandler for Mylie's birthday party. They kids had alot of fun, I didn't catch too many memories of the actual festivities...Dus and I were to busy trying to catch our kids!!

I learned that this kid is a cooky nugget in the water!

He was shaking so bad but refused to leave!


My little man-baby loves his pizza, he looks so big in this pic