Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ruffle me crazy!

So I got my book, and boy am I excited...and also terrified! I've never worked with such precise patterns and some fabrics I've never even heard of. So, I put it aside for now- we don't try things until the new year, right??
For Christmas I wanted to make a gift for a friend when I realized that i don't know how to make anything for a grown-up! I always make things for said grown-ups child! So after finding a few tutorials online, some trial and error...the ruffle necklace was born...

Very easy I know...but cute none the less.

These are all pretty simple, I don't have too many accesories to add to them, plus-im not that creative!

So I was feelin' the necklace vibe but wanted something more intricate than a ruffle. So here's a frayed rosette number.

When it's on it doesn't lay quit as flat as I would like it to, but- eh- not that bad for my first one.
and the best part was it cost me NADA...I used scraps. heres a close up

No sewing involved! Just some hot glue and fabric! The blue is a scraped sleeve off of this little number I made for miss Maddox.

This was the first jumper I've made with such bold really enjoyed making it!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Im in love...

My eyes melted when I ran into this gem while searching the world wide web for inspiration. As part of a new year goal, im challenging myself in all aspects "sewable." These adorable creations look like a great place to start. Im leaving to pick up a copy right now.

P.S. This song is my lastest obsession from MUTE MATH's lastest album (favorite band right now) If this song doesn't make you feel like conquering all you woe's...there's something wrong with you!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!
The Hons

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Adventures of Saylee

Im making up for lost time with this new camera...taking pictures of everything for no reason at all...

So Im here to introduce, a day in the life of Saylee...

After waking up, she watches cartoons and runs around the house with her breakfast (eating at a table...whats that about??) Here she's pickin' the glaze off her gfcf donut in the boys room...

Next I get her ready for school and put on the spiffy new jumper I made her. She loves to play with fabric scraps from my sewing room (the floor is covered with them!)

Now we head outside to wait for the bus...

While waiting, she walks along the edge of the sidewalk. Her lastest obsession is Aristocats and she's making choo-choo sounds as if walking along a railroad track. Here she comes...

And there she goes...

After arriving home from school, she ignores her lunch and looks for a mess to make!!

gotta love that visual stimulation- she loves to throw things up in the air... This little girl is a ninja. She can get into or get a hold of anything and turn it into hours of fun. Today's choice...a pad of paper. Leave out a paper towel, and she'll crumble it into a snowy christmas miracle...all over the house!

How can I deny her what brings such joy??

At some point during the day, she barges into the office and jams on the keyboard. Again, obsessed with the Aristocats, she knows word for word the scene where the kittens practice their music on the piano. Im hoping within a year we can get her some lessons, she genuinley REALLY enjoys playing the could be her special talent!

After pretending to take a nap, she looks for a something else to get into. Again...a ninja. I was in the kitchen and I did not hear her pull up this chair and grab my QT cup.

She dips and sips...she doesnt get very much so after a few dips, she pours all it all over herself!

Here's a rare moment where she actually shows off and says what I ask her to!

It was grandmas's birthday so we hung out with family and Saylee wanted to ride her pony. Her pony, wanted to watch WALLE instead...

Brodes is such a good brother...I love this picture

later we got home, put on our p.j.'s and rode around the range a few times!!

She loves to play with her brothers!!!

Well here you go....we have our good days and our bad days. Our good days involve no fits, social interaction and ample amounts of concentration/attention. Our bad days involve no eating, stimming all day long and flicking a full pumpkin pie off her hands all through the house...(yes, that actually happened!) We are so pleased with her ability to continually improve and we couldn't do it without the love of our boys who help her along the way. We truly are blessed!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Breakin' her in...

Lookie what I got!!

found this little lady waiting for me when I woke up Wednesday morning! I was so excited! I had an excellent bday...kid free (mostly) and this weekend Im going to dinner with some friends to finalize my new ol' age of 28...has it seriously been 10 years since high school???

here's some shots of me and the fam foolin' with my new favorite toy...

it's not done yet.. I need something- any ideas?

still figuring out the flash

Best self-taken portrait of 2009!

this kid's growing up WAY too fast!

AND FINALLY...I can take pics of my newest nugget. Here's Emry at 4 weeks

the bald and the beautiful!

Love that little smile!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well folks, my camera finally went ka-put! It saddens my heart that most of the pictures I have of Emry are from the hospital! My bday is in a week and HOPEFULLY (if he knows what's good for him) Dustin got me a new camera that Ive been boasting about for awhile! I was able to snap this ONLY shot before my camera turned itself off, he's a week old here...

I did however manage to retrieve these last photos taken on it. I cut Saylee's hair (scary moment for me!) and here is the result. I just couldn't stand to see scraggly hair in her face in longer.