Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2 + 2 = Brody

Yesterday was Brodys birthday. He is now 4 years old...wait, let that sit for a minute.... Okay, thats better. No, wait...4 YEARS OLD???...how did that happen??? Where'd my little guy go?

I've been really emotional this year. I just can't believe how big he's gotten. It feels like yesterday when he was a little nugget saying "gump" for everything. Gump was please, thank you, yes, no, etc. It was rather hillarious. Now I find myself laughing when I hear him used words like difficult, ridiculous and disgusting!

The following conversation happened about 29 times yesterday...

Me: "Hey, Brody, I love you"

Brody: "I love you mamma"

Me: "You're my best friend"

Brody: "Ok"...(followed by multiple mandatory hugs and kisses)

I just wanted to squeeze my little tater's tots off all day. I love that he comprehends the whole birthday thing now. He was so happy and heres why...

(sorry for the fuzzy pics)

Brodes woke up to a new bike yesterday. I couln't find my camera till 10:00 so I missed some of our festivites. He played on the bike while I made chocolate chip pancakes.

He's saying, "Four!"

He got some cash from Grandma Koelle

Which he stashed in his piggy bank

Then we got dressed and played Rock Band...

He kept moving while jammin so I couldn't get a clear shot.

His #1 groupie! She attends every show and jumps on the bed

His favorite songs to play to are Ramones, "Blitzkreg Bop" and Flyleafs, "I'm so sick"
He actually knows alot of the words!

Then Dad came home, we dropped off Say and Grades and hit up QT
He got the most sour slush available and of all the candy he picked rolos...I don't know why I think thats so funny!

Next was his big surprise...a trip to the Lego store! Until yesterday, Brody had no diea of it's exsistence!

It was so funny to see him just grab boxes off the shelf. Indiana Jones was the first.

He got to fill up his own bucket with whatever legos he wanted off the back wall

He looked around for awhile with dad and I looked at these crazy set-ups...

The Taj Mahal of Legos...literally!

For once he wasn't interested in taking a picture!

He asked if he could have the "big Lego" for a present!

On the way home...

We returned home with all the kids after Brody went out with Grandma for some ice cream...he wasted no time getting started on his creations

Then he asked for my help putting his new Legos together, I was honored. I don't mean to toot my own horn but I'm borderline AMAZING at putting these things together!.. I know you recognize this scene from "The Last Crusade"

I love how real some of these guys look...tell me thats not Sean Connerys Lego doppleganger...

"Hey lady, do you mind?...we're sort of riding for our lives here!"

Happy Birthday Brody!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ya know, just sewing n' stuff...

So my mind has been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. Ive been in a funk. I have this big new house, im trying to find the "home within" and I have all these ideas...my brain is becoming mush and I don't have space for thinking of original posts anymore. So I apologize if all my posts seen a bit monotonous, I post what I know and all I know right now is sewing and decorating, my little noggin can't come up with much more.
Back in November I donated a couple of blankets to raffle to Habit Salon for their NieDay. I had alot of fun making them and felt semi-professional have my lil' robot name on their website!

Oh ya, Lil' robot is the name I decided on for my blanket brand, if one day I decide to open an etsy account. Its what I used to call Saylee when she was a tiny nugget of a baby.

I heart this bird print! I thought it Nie appropriate

I really like this vintage print because it had black in it! Tanj made me these tags and I think they're adorable.

Speaking of Tanj, I made these aprons for the "buddies" for Christmas. Same prints in different colors. I didn't have a pattern or tutorial for these, I would sew then try it on! I don't have any close ups but I was really happy with the results.

I got bored one day and made this skirt for Saylee. The tutorial is pretty easy. I also had another skirt of hers that Lindsay made her back in August so that helped. You'll see soon enough but I LOVE this black/white diamond eye pattern. I use it on everything. I love it for anything girl or boy related

I found a huge lot of fabric at goodwill. I have made quite a few things and still have a ton left! That's magic! I will tell you this, if QT and Goodwill got married and had a baby store with thrifted items, chocolate long johns, and the best fountain Mountain Dew this side of the Colorado, I would die a happy camper! I started with this...

and ended with four of these...

Here it is all dolled up on my new chair

Like I said,... magic!
Your eyes are not deceiving you, this chair set me back a whole 2 doll hairs!

Here is some more recent blankets. So recent in fact, they are gifts that have yet to be given! I pray the recipient doesnt check my blog before tommorrow!

Im really proud of this one. I had Dustin draw me up a bird and I stenciled it then appliqued it on. I did the same thing on this white onesie with different material.

ain't she perrtty?

This was before I actually sewed it on. It looks more "official" now.

All the blankets I make have a minky reverse side. This one below I made for Kristy. I found this fabric that matched her crib set perfectly. I like the chocolate brown border on the flip side with the white, it looks crisp and clean.

I threw some buttons on this one to spice it up!

I also appliqued this little guy for Kristy. I cut out a cowboy print off another pattern.

A few days ago Mandi, Kristy and I attempted to make tutu's. It was fairly easy. We estimated at first that we would only need two yards per tutu. Instead we used 2-3-4 BOLTS of tool a piece! (75 feet each bolt!) We a did red for Valentines Day and they looked awesome!

I had to trim Saylees up a little, it was too long. She questioned it at first...

After i fixed her waistband and finished it off with her ribbon bow (which you can't see) she likes it! she's worn it the last two days for an hour or two!

We don't have any red to match, so now I guess I'll have to make her a tutu in every color possible. It might be a new addiction!

If you made it all the way through this post I comend you! I know it was a little long, sorry theres no pot of gold for you or anything!