Wednesday, December 17, 2008

15 & 54

This is my mom, Leah. 15 years ago today she fufilled her work here on this earth. She passed away pain free from breast cancer. Sadly also, today is her birthday...she'd be turning 54. I remember vividly the last time I saw her, Im thankful that I burned it into my memory. I remember saying my goodbye and telling her that I loved her while I watched her sleep in a coma. I remember waking up suddenly at 4:25 am only to hear the phone ring. I already knew who was on the other end and I already knew what they were going to tell my dad. Having 15 days for 15 years to ponder on these memories has shed 15 new lights in my life.
Im thankful that I had her as long as I did. I know I was young, but not young enough to NOT remember her, that in itself is a blessing. I try to think of different questions I would ask here if given the chance just once a year. By doing that I try to celebrate the everyday with my mama, not just the bad. Here is a few glimpse into my amazing mother, whom I know is with me now. Mom, I love you and thank you for giving me the strength to be the mom you know I am, even when I dont think I can.

I remember her handwriting

I celebrate her milestones

I love that we have common intrests!!

I thank my protector

but I miss my mom...

Happy Birthday mom, you are truly the best!

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Christmas Miracle...well sort of!

The following picture you are about to see has not been altered in anyway...
I woke up this morning with no idea that I was to be part of a christmas fact I myself would create this christmas miracle. Lo and behold your eyes on this picture...

Saylee let me put her hair in a ponytail for the FIRST TIME in her life!! No crying, no shaking of the head, no ripping out of the hair, just a relaxed little girl getting her hair done! I offically feel like a true mom! I have yet to experience the "doing of your daughters hair"...until today!!

See how much she loves it!!
My little Say has been doing so well, she's growing into a little lady. She wears my bracelets and she'll FINALLY wear her winter cap...

She will say "cheese!" for the camera and hold a pose! (at least for a couple of seconds!) I think she's going to be a model, she's such a natural she even poses in her sleep!

She ALWAYS falls asleep on this bench after therapy!

Here is a pic of my only Christmas cheer, its a nine footer and it's awesome! Thanks Kristy!!

One of my favorite ornaments!

It's my only Christmas cheer because im still working on the house. On my birthday last week I was blessed enough to have Lindsay (she's magic) and Mandi (she's beautiful) come to my house and help me get some stuff up. But first, here are a few projects Ive done all on my lonesome!

I got this mirror for 5 bones! I don't have a before pic but the frame was busted on the right middle side. With a little hot glue, magic putty ( I love that stuff) some ribbon and a flower its now officailly a mirror for Saylee to dance in front of!

I extended the ribbon down the side to hold her bows

Here is a lamp I got from Lindsay and I covered the shade in some fabric I had. I got this table from Mandi for my bday and I love it! Right now its in Saylees room but I hope to find a permanent place for it in the family room.

Okay, here is my biggest wall in my family room. I cant take credit for this, Lindsay and Mandi put it all together. I can take credit for the "H"... It added the final touch!

The pic of the old man on the adjacent wall is none other than Jorth Eugene Schlink III, who is my great grandfather x 8!! He was a prestigous general in the civil war as part of the 131st infaltry who helped defeat our northern enemies in an important battle. Or he's just some old dude I found at the thrift store for 7 dollars! He has a permanent spot in my sewing room with his wife (who is too creepy looking to post) but for now he's a filler on a wall until we can get family pics.

This wall is just getting started, this was black but I painted it gold...why?...'cause....I LOVE GOLD!!

In the kitchen

The family room

My big island in the kitchen
What do ya think??