Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a great Easter weekend.

Very chill.

(just the way mama likes it)

We have 8am church and Dus was singing in Sacrament so he had to be there early so I got the kids dressed and ready by myself so I didn't take any group pics before. Just on the way in!

I didn't make Say's dress (i know, i know)

but I did make her bow...that you can't see.

Emrys rollin' solo now a days

all the boys had matching pants and different color bowties. I made one for Dustin but he had to wear a tie since he was singing. I put it on him after Sacrament but didn't get a pic, but I will cause he looked baller!

they got lots of compliments! With nuggets like this, how can I not take pride in how cool they look? I made THEM and there clothes!

the only shot of Emry in his bowtie

The fam came over and Uncle Devin and Aunt Krystal had a great Idea to do an egg race so dad whipped up this ramp real quick and the kids loved it! Maybe a new tradition??

Not suprisingly, Saylee held the record for longest roll almost the whole night until dad's determination finally paid off!

Im so grateful for my family and these phenomenal kids that make everyday worth it.

Happy Easter!


Take a peek... said...

I am loving the lil' bow ties!

Tiffany Hon Payne said...

I love love love you guys! What an awesome lookin family.

Kristy Treible said...

Cute pictures! Love the bowties on the boys! Miss you!

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