Friday, May 27, 2011

color me ecstatic


I have 4 kids.

Oh wait, you knew that.

With that being said, let me tell you that girls night is not just "an option" for me, It's in my marriage contract. Once a week.

no joke.

Last night I was out with Robin & my gal pals. You know, the place where you palette tingles with anticipation, the place where are your dreams come true..??

Ya I know, we've all been there...

If you haven't- get a clue. It's grade A good times.

I get the same thing everytime. Call me a creature of comfort. I try other peoples food so Im on the level with the rest of the menu. However I prefer the best chicken sandwich (and yes, that's its actual title)

Well last night as we were indulging ourselves, a petite, darling girl walked over to introduce herself to Robin (same circle of friends/family). She inquired about all our food choices and wondered if we were satisfied. During said conversation she asked about the best chicken sandwich. "Hey, that's what Im eating!" I thought. Now maybe it's the mom in me, or maybe is the wierd in me but I handed her my sandwich. So what, right??? take a bite, don't be scared...big deal.

You all might question how crazy this action might seem, but im here to testify that it wasn't wierd at all. In fact, she obliged. (even after I warned her of my oral herpes)

stop judging. I don't have the herps...pssh- and you call yourself a friend.

fast forward to this morning when Robin text me to tell me about this lil' link.

Ashley, Im flattered.

Reading myself being described as you remember made me blush and say, "oh my gosh" in a pretty goofy voice. What you didn't see were the bags under my eyes and the spanx line in my jeans. You made my day.

P.S. you're the cutest lil' thing ever...

You're welcome to girls night whenever you'd like.

but I must warn you.........we like to share food.


Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

hahahah i thought after yesterday, you couldn't possibly make me any happier, but that spanx line got me pretty close!

you really made my night! thanks for the good times :)

A+J said...

This is just the cutest story. I love it.

The Dark Family said...

Dude. So cute! I laugh because I don't know what I would have done if I was her and you offered me food not knowing you. haha. she's so super cute though! I can't wait to get an invite to girls' night. ;)

Sarai and Nancy said...

Haha I read this from Ashley's link....cutest story! Glad you guys figured out who each other was!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

hahahha i read this after reading ash's from her link.

and i love the story. so awesome.

Kim Herrington said...

Wow! I've been desperate to make friends in my new city and that story gives me hope!

Anonymous said...

Ashley IS just gorgeous! I read her post about the sandwich, and wandered over here to meet you. I wish I was there, so I could meet you all!

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