Friday, August 26, 2011

In over my head

I'm not sure if I'll make it out of this class alive.

Advanced clothing construction

(the class comes with anxiety & intimidation...for free!)

My first class was last night and I feel that for the first time since starting at MCC, I will actually be challenged. My other classes were fun and super informative but I was always confident that I could accomplish any task given to me. This class...not so much.

Our first project last night (and this was supposed to be "for fun") was to design our own fall fashion line. Design and sketch 4 full outfits, (I can't sketch) then choose one outfit from our team (teams of 3) and make our own pattern,(can't do that well either)then sew & fit our mini- dress form.

*note: Most of the students in this class are fashion degree students who know how to draft their own pattern and sketch their own designs. I felt like an idiot.

Here's what my team created and my oober amateur sketches

We could only use what was in our classroom a.k.a. a giant pile of scraps and this top print really was the only thing I felt inspired by, but it's a really sheer fabric and slips like a bi*#$.

Here's a few other groups dress forms.

Of coarse I like ours the best. I appreciate some techniques that the other teams used but as fas as style, I would never wear any of them except my teams. That's what's important, right?

I hope next week is easier. I can't sew when I have anxiety, I feel as if I've lost my mojo.

to be continued?


Take a peek... said...

Honestly, out of the four designs I would only wear the one you created. I like it because it's simple without being boring. Can't wait to see your other sewing projects :)

jckhadlocks said...

You'll do great! Have fun learning all this new stuff!

mandi said...

i love that the form is miniture!! Youu did a great job and have a great eye for design.You are so talented and Im so impressed, I too would only wear you design!

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