Wednesday, August 17, 2011

back 2 skiz- zoooll

Alas, The Hon's survived the summer (just barely). School started and mama bear was blessed with a sanity. Here they are. Our 1st grader Brody and our full time kindergartener Saylee.

Brody is at Boulder Creek and his teacher is Mrs. Grentz. He is loving it so far. We've heard really good things about his teach and we're excited and convinced he'll rock our world this year. He has alot of buddies in his class including one, Brexton Colburn who he has started a blooming bromance with. They have been officially titled "b squared" and I pray they don't cause too much trouble this year. Dustin is looking foward to it, he hopes Brexton can knock the "sensitive lil' boy" out of him that apparently I gave him...pssh-whatev.

Saylee is at Greenfield Elementary and her teacher is Mrs. Wood. She is going through a giant transition this year. New school, new teach, new bus drivers and ALL day. She leaves at 8 a.m. and gets home around 4:15 p.m, needless to say, she's like a pile of goo when she get's home (cutest goo on the block). She's working very hard. Her first small accomplishment is being able to eat in the cafeteria with all the big kids. Very noisy, very over-stimulating. She has only 3 kids in her class so she's getting all the attention she needs.

Grady started his fist year of preschool! It overwhelms me that he is old enough to be in school. Grady was excited but also had a "I don't really give a crap" sort of attitude. That's just how he rolls, he's very laid back. For him it's just a fun place to hang out at for a few hours (which is fine with me). We're hoping this experience will rid him of his shyness and help increase the volume in which he speaks. (right now, only dogs can hear him)