Friday, July 8, 2011

how time flies...

Saylee turned 5.

so we partied.

All week I heard, "birthday party, please"

she knew it was coming. I kept asking her what she wanted but all I got out of her was a horse and christmas tree. Not too much to go off of!

I made all the decorations and

am happy with how they looked.

From the invites to the cupcake wrappers...all me- it was fun.

We did Say's favorite food (currently) Steve's crazy subs. Whenever she asks me for a sandwich, she means crazy subs. no excceptions.

the treat table

I had a hard time this year. I really can't believe that this little girl is 5. I remember Brody just turning 5 and it's hard to believe that they're all growing up so fast!

I think back on her birthday last year and how much change has occured since then. It makes me proud but also breaks my heart a little. Sometimes due to her delays I still think of her as a 3 year old, then I realize she's not and it's a tough realization. Nevertheless, I wouldn't change a single thing about her because her flaws are what makes her Saylee!

showing off her #5 shirt i made.

Robin snapped a pic of this guy at the party.
cutest pic ever, right??
I can't stop looking at it.

more decor.

Of coarse chocolate frosting

We sang happy birthday (which she continued to sing to herself throughout the weekend)

and after a couple of trys she blew out her candles.

It was a great party. We packed up the next day and headed for our staycation. I think Saylee thinks it was all for her birthday...silly girl!

the lone leftover cupcakes.

Saylee we love you SO much!


Take a peek... said...

Love the bday decor..may need to steal the hanging picture idea. Wish I could have attended, lets plan a play date soon!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! I am so glad to see pictures! The party looks amazing, you are so great!! I am so bummed I had to miss it :( We need to set something up soon! Did Saylee eat a cupcake??

--Miss Kristina

Taylors said...

Happy birthday Say! Sorry we had to miss out! Those lone leftover cupcakes had my name all over 'em! :)

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